Ministry of Agriculture

Project: Electronic pesticide registration system

Introduction: The idea of the project is based on studying a pesticide
registration file by the employees of the Pesticides Department and the
Plant Protection Department submitted by companies and factories
through the electronic portal consisting of the process automation
management system (WorkflowGen) integrated with the pesticide
registration fee system at all stages through Efawateercom

Companies used to submit pesticide registration applications manually using papers and CDs, leaving
the workplace to go to the Ministry of Agriculture to submit 
the application.

Approach:• The facility submits the application through an electronic portal on the Ministry's website using the
username and password.
• The benefit of the facility from shortening costs and time.
• Ease of submitting the file as the system supports smart phones.
• Ease of following up the progress of the file procedure electronically.
• Ease of administrative follow-up of the request through the Dashboard.
• Diversity of reports.
• The possibility of administrative follow-up in the event that transactions are delayed beyond their
time, which is set by the Prevention Directorate
• Archive the file with all its important information and attachments
• The first service of the Ministry of Agriculture linked to any invoices that enables companies to pay
all fees electronically
• The ability to print any official documents and certificates related to the file through the system.

The new system worked on:

1- Reducing the number of visitors to the pesticides and plant protection department in the Ministry
of Agriculture
2- Reducing the use of papers
3- Speed of communication and completion of work

Effectiveness: The feedback from the companies and the pesticides registration department at the Ministry of Agriculture
was very positive, as many customers commented on the speedy completion of the work. Convenience in the
process of submitting the application and following it up electronically, and the speed
and efficiency of the electronic payment process.
Lessons Learned:
Learn that investing in technology and training employees can have a huge impact on the customer

By implementing a new system for pesticide registration requests, the pesticide department was
able to reduce customer waiting times and improve customer experience. Lessons learned from this
project will be used to inform future improvements to the new processes.