Companies Control Department

Autographics becomes a key platform for process automation and
digitization at the Companies Control Department

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01 Project Idea
Due to the large number of auditors that the Companies Control Department deals with on a daily
basis, and The large number of employees exceeding 200 employees who need to complete
transactions in cooperation with each other, and with the aim of reducing the use of paper and
completing transactions in a faster time and without the need for the employee to move between
Departments, which leads to the consumption of more time to complete the transactions, the
Companies Control Department has cooperated with the autographs company By the creating of an
electronic correspondence portal, through which service requests, internal notes, incoming and
outgoing books are followed up, and appropriate actions are taken on these requests through a
single system and without the need to use the papers permanently.

02 Project Goals
.Reducing the use of paper
.Completing transactions in a faster time and without the need for
.the employee to move between Departments
.Archive all papers electronically without the need to use the archiving system. archive service requests, internal notes
, and incoming - outgoing documents.

3 -  Project features
. Login to the correspondence system using a username and password for each employee
. Completing and signing the transaction procedures electronically without the need to use
. Finish transactions faster
.Easy to follow up on transaction submission
. Allowing administrative follow-up through a dashboard
. Variety of reports